How to Use Semrush with ChatGPT to Create Content Ideas

In my most recent article, I shared with you how you can use Semrush along with ChatGPT to create cool calculator websites that generate traffic and are able to be monetized by you.

In this article, I’m gonna be sharing an extension of that idea by sharing with you how you can take some of the data insights from Semrush and pair them with ChatGPT in order to come up with new opportunities or content strategies for an existing website of yours.

Exploring on Semrush

In order to accomplish this task today, we’re gonna continue building on the example of that website we found in my last article, which was called We found that over the years has been around for almost a decade and it has thousands of visits every single month in fact.

And so what’s really cool about this is it just goes to show you that there’s pretty much a website for anything. As long as you create it, people will eventually come as long as you stick around to that idea long enough.

And so here you can see that currently has the number two placement for bowl score calculator, but it also has some top placements like bowling handicap calculator, pace bike calculator, and what we also saw was that when we disabled our ad blocker, there also were more than enough ads for us to take a look at that.

So what we know is that this site is doing pretty well. We could probably use ChatGPT to create some calculators if we wanted this. But the other thing we can do is we can start to look at what might their strategy be in terms of content, aside from just in general, the calculators themselves.

So in order to do this, what we can do is we can first take a look at what are some competing sites of

Exploring the competitors using Semrush

What you can see is that another one is bowlinggenius, another one’s bikecalculator. So what I usually like to do is I like to click through this competitive positioning map and I’ll make sure I can scroll down far enough so that you can see it.

But what I can do from here is I can go ahead and take a look at what are some of the things that the competitors of the site are doing. Well, there’s one called and here you can see Semrush is saying, over time, this site has had a variety of different traffic stories along the way, but what it’s really doing well is bike calculator, cycling calculator, and things like that.

So if I go ahead and open this up now, you can see this is the bike calculator. It also has an Apple app, and it just goes over how to use this. And it’s a very simple calculator. Nothing too crazy here. But what you can see is that it’s a very similar concept, right?

There’s an input, returns, and an output. It’s really great in terms of interactivity. And if I go to the About section, it’s probably just created by, you know a cyclist, somebody who cares about this problem a lot. And what I can do from here is once I start to get an idea of a couple of these different concepts, I can keep on going into the competitor section here and I’ll start to get a sense of what the different sites are. So was one of them. The other one was

Exploring ChatGPT to generate content ideas

I’m gonna go into ChatGPT now and go into browse with Bing I’m gonna say:

“You are an SEO specialist tasked with the need to come up with 10 content ideas to build out the topical authority of your website. Your website competes with and and you want to draw inspiration from these two sites. Please first review the two competitors and summarize their content strategy. Then output your top 10 content ideas in a difficulty, including different factors of consideration such as keywords to target potential traffic, and an overall description of the content you’d place on the page.”

All right, so let’s go ahead and take a look at what ChatGPT does here. Okay, so here you can see ChatGPT is giving me some results based on the information gathered.

Here’s a summary of the content strategies. provides bicycle performance prediction calculator that allows people to compute speed, power, and more important parameters, such as weight grade position, and entire type tool. Seems very comprehensive, taking all these considerations. offers a broad array of calculators related to different sports, including cycling, running, bowling, and triathlons. Their strategy appears to be more general catering to a wide audience.

That’s exactly what I would’ve said looking at both here. And now you can start to see here 10 content ideas to help you build out the topical authority of your site. Cycling power calculator, bike gear ratio calculator, calorie burn calculator for cycling, cycling training generator, bike maintenance plan, et cetera. So it’s really starting to lean in this idea of, you know, what it’s finding as the pattern is between both sides, the cycling ideas were definitely more interesting here, and so here you can start to see that this is some of the content that comes up.

Asking ChatGPT to come up with more content ideas

And then what I can start to do is to enter this prompt in ChatGPT:

“Great! Thanks for those suggestions. Now please come up with specific long form content ideas that could be interesting to interlink to each of these 10 earlier ideas.”

Here’s some long tail ideas that can be interlinked. So the original idea cycling power calculator, now the long form idea is the science of cycling, understanding power and performance, the ultimate guide to bike gears, how to optimize your ride, burning calories or cycling comprehensive look at energy expenditure.

So these are the sorts of things where I can then start to think about.

Asking ChatGPT to act as an SEO Strategist

“Now act like an SEO specialist with decades of experience, please output a list of longtail keywords from your long form content ideas with estimates for the monthly traffic of each phrase.”

The reason why I’m doing this is because I want to take the idea that ChatGPT has given me and feed it back in the other direction to then come up with some different ideas for, you know, longtail phrases, then I’m gonna take those results and feed it back into Semrush to then validate whether or not any of these ideas are potentially interesting for me.

Okay, so now it’s gone ahead and finished browsing, and now it’s coming up with some ideas here. They can’t really do the monthly estimates because in general, what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna feed it back into Semrush anyways.

But here you can see some ideas. And what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take a look here and I might actually refine this a little bit further. Instead of this prompt, which doesn’t seem to be giving me all that much great content back.

Let’s look at this idea. What would be some potential long tail keyword phrases to explore to generate organic traffic?

So, in other words, I’m reprompting ChatGPT to consider this particular idea and see if there are particular phrases that might be interesting for this particular phrase on the signs of cycling and whatnot.

In this particular example, what you can see is that it didn’t really do all that much in terms of the browsing results. However, it did give me some suggestions. So what I can do here is I can go ahead and copy these in and I’ll probably just go ahead and look for things like cycling power or cycling performance.

Validating content ideas in Semrush Keyword Tool

So what I might do is I’m actually going to the Semrush keyword research tool afterward, but I’ll do cycling power, cycling performance, and probably do science of cycling power. And I can just go ahead and search this for now, and now you can start to see some of the different phrases that return.

Here what I can do is I can take that phrase cycling power and then I went ahead and filtered down by 40 or less keyword difficulty, volume of at least a hundred or more. And then I also like to look for word counts of three or more.

And here you can start to see some different phrases that are coming in. I’ve seen a lot of cases where it’s only like three words exactly or so, but there are some other phrases.

So let’s try cycling performance. So I’m gonna apply that same search. What I can start to see is that there’s a lot of just general phrases around cycling performance. So I don’t actually think this is that interesting. So this is a good example of sometimes you need to work through the long tail phrase to see exactly what the sort of intent is.

But here you can see now I can go into bike gears. So let’s go into bike gears, bike gears guide, maybe? See what it comes up with there. No bike gears.

All right, now we’re starting to cook. So here you can see bike gear, gear ratio, gears for a mountain bike, bike gear shifter, mountain bike with gears.

So this is now where we start to come up with some ideas. So what I’m gonna do is I’m probably going to go for informational keywords next.

Feeding the data from Semrush to ChatGPT

So now I’m down to 47 and I’m gonna go ahead and export this and I’m gonna feed it back into ChatGPT.

Okay, so I got this here. I’m gonna go ahead and copy this, save that.

You are a data analyst and SEO specialist. You’re given this data set from Semrush. Please come up with 10 long form content ideas that are interesting based off of considerations for keyword difficulty, volume and number of results. Output your ideas in the form of a table.

And I’m just gonna go ahead and paste that in there. And once I’ve done so, I’m gonna start to have some different thoughts. I’m actually gonna go ahead and have this in a new window. That way I don’t have to browse the web. So I’m gonna actually just reset this

I specifically want a table, so I need to make this more clear ’cause it’s not giving me that table. I’m gonna say make sure to output your ideas in the form of a table. Let’s try that again.

So it’s starting to analyze this, and what you can see is that we have topics on bike gear ratios, gear shifting problems keywords.

So I might say, now that you understand the data, please come up with 10 long form content ideas in a table format with a description of what you’d cover in the article idea.

All right, so here you can see now it’s starting to come up with ideas, but this is not related. So use the data set from above for bike gears. Let’s try that again.

All right, so here you can see it’s starting to come up with content ideas. Comes up with a description as well, and there you have it.

So this is just gonna keep on spitting out different content ideas. From here I can start to prompt ChatGPT for different content outlines as well as thoughts based off of this.

Exploring Semrush Keyword Magic Tool

But what I did was I started with something where I had a general sense of what was going on in a particular competitor’s website, got a sense of what was working for them, went into the Keyword Overview tool and then switched to the Keyword Magic Tool to then start to analyze exactly what are some opportunities.

And then I started asking ChatGPT to come up with some long form ideas because what I’d do is I would then create content to link back to the calculator that I’d build with the help of ChatGPT.

So that’s pretty much it in terms of this video. What I just wanted to show you is how you can you leverage a variety of different tools in order to get to the same output or a key output that you need.

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