How to Use SEMRush Keyword Magic Tool with ChatGPT to Make Money

In today’s article, we’ll explore SEMRush’s Keyword Magic Tool and pair it with ChatGPT to come up with different ideas for opportunities to get more organic traffic through the creation of calculators. ChatGPT can be a great way to create calculators that historically would’ve taken some developers to build, and now you can do it all without knowing a single line of code.

Using SEMrush’s Keyword Magic Tool

To begin this tutorial, we start by utilizing SEMRush’s Keyword Magic Tool. By entering the keyword “calculator,” we aim to identify lesser-known calculators with lower keyword difficulties.

To refine our search, we set the keyword difficulty filter to zero to 40 and focus on phrases with a word count of three or more. Additionally, we limit the monthly search volume to a range of 200 to 2,500 to narrow down our options. This approach helps us discover long-tail keywords that present interesting opportunities for calculator creation.

Here you can see a variety of different longtail keywords that are already coming back. Cardiac output calculator, cash on cash return calculator. So these are interesting, right?

But the other thing I like to do is I like to go through and look at how many results are coming back and what’s the competitive density score. And the reason why is because this will just tell you as SEMRush is explaining, it’s the amount of competition that an advertising competitor is actually bidding here, and also the number of results tells you how many URLs are getting returned for this sort of query.

Optimizing Keyword Selection with Keyword Magic Tool

Among the various longtail keywords generated by the Keyword Magic Tool, we identify several intriguing opportunities. For example, the “adding and subtracting polynomials calculator” stands out with a keyword difficulty of 31 and a monthly search volume of 2,400. The estimated number of results is relatively low, indicating a favorable landscape for competition. By thoroughly evaluating the keyword difficulty, search volume, and competition, we can pinpoint the most promising calculator ideas.

So if I were to just literally right-click that and take a look here, you can see that there are a couple of calculators here. And just in general though, the number of results is 379,000 as opposed to if I were to search that keyword “ability stone calculator”, what I can see is you can see the 170 million search results.

Something to keep in mind, as much as possible, try not to look for things that have way too many search results because it’s just generally a losing game for you.

When it comes to calculators, one of the best things you can do when you’re creating calculators is making sure that you’re not creating a calculator in a space where there’s a ton of other calculators. So in this particular case, when I see something like Ability Stone Calculator, and I see it’s getting 178 million research results, that’s scary to me because it means that there’s a ton of different URLs that are getting crawled for that long tail phrase compared to the adding and subtracting polynomials calculator, where technically there’s only 60 or so.

Refining the Opportunities with Keyword Magic Tool

To refine our selection further, we adjust the keyword difficulty threshold to 20%, reducing the returns and enhancing our focus on the most promising options. This step allows us to identify calculators like the engraving calculator, lost arc color calculator for horses, and many more. We explore each of these ideas, validating their potential through additional research.

Now what I can do is I can really start to zero in on some of these phrases. So it looks like there’s an engraving calculator, lost arc, and color calculator for horses.

Leveraging SEMRush and ChatGPT for Analysis

One of the most exciting aspects of this strategy is the ability to use ChatGPT as a development tool. With ChatGPT’s assistance, we can simulate the expertise of an experienced developer, even without extensive coding knowledge. By feeding relevant data into ChatGPT, we can receive valuable insights and guidance for creating calculators.

I’ve gone ahead and trimmed this list down a little bit more, and I have an Excel sheet, which I am then going to paste into ChatGPT. Here can say, “Act like an Excel analyst and also an SEO wizard with decades of experience. you’re given this data set your task would be to create a table identifying the ten best opportunities. Please consider keyword difficulty. Please also factor in a scale of one to five, and output your results in a table just to make sure it’s clear”.

Some ideas include the ability stone calculator, AP Psych score calculator, and bowl score calculator, evolution calculator for Pokemon, honing calculator, lost arc, horse color calculator, lost arch ability stone calculator, OSRS dry calculator, AP physics score calculator, AP stats score calculator. So there might be some interesting things in the testing space for this sort of stuff, but just in general, what you can see is these are some of the opportunities.

Exploring Bowl Score Calculator

As an example, let’s focus on the “bowl score calculator.” Now you can see what does your competition look like? As you can see, there is a site called, and another one’s called sportcalculator. Another one’s called easy calculation. And now you can kind of see how it’s a very simple website, see what you’re up against.

Looks like these sites are probably monetized by ads. So that’s how these folks are making money and these are all kind of ugly websites, right? But what’s really cool about this is that what I did was if I wasn’t good at synthesizing things, coming up with ideas or analyzing data, I can just feed that into ChatGPT and have it analyze some of that for me.

So here you can see bowl score calculators coming up. It’s getting 2,400 monthly visits with 16 keyword difficulty. That’s potentially interesting to me. And so what I can do from here is I can actually create a new thing here and say, “Now act like an experienced web developer. You need to create a bowl score calculator. How would you consider doing so as simply as possible?”

As I start to work through this, what I’m thinking about is what are all these different component parts? How do I sort of structure this page and then, from here, come up with something that’s kind of similar to what some of these folks are doing? Ultimately, what all these are built on is just some basic code. And what’s happening from here is this just having some inputs, and it’s changing the input based off of that for what the score is. So this is something that’s really cool because because back in the old days, you used to actually have to hire a developer in order to complete this.

Whereas if you really wanted to explore this with ChatGPT, what you’d be able to do is you’d be able to continue working with ChatGPT to essentially create this for you. And then you could deploy this code onto your site, and from there you would have a working calculator and you could do this over and over again.

Monetization Potential

So when you look at these sites like, it goes and shows you that, you can pretty much build a site for anything. And if there’s longtail traffic around it, then it might be worth it to do so. All these perspective opportunities here on this site are very simple. They’re just clear, simple inputs, and then they’re just repurposing as much as possible as they can when it comes to the different types of calculators they’re creating.

And what’s really cool here is that if you go ahead and look up, you can see how over the years, it’s been a site that’s been as old as 2014, so it’s been almost a decade that the site has been around. It’s got an authority score of 24. It’s getting thousands of monthly visits, and it’s pretty much just calculators.

In this particular case, they decided to group everything together in sport, but pretty much what you can see here is they just have bowl score calculator, which is that long tail phrase, pace bike calculator, bike pace calculator, and all this jazz that you could essentially create as well.

So this is just validation for you that this can work for you, and you can monetize it. So ultimately, it’s pretty simple and straightforward. But what’s really cool about this is that when you remember back on my keyword magic tool, there were literally just from the filter of 200 to 2,500 monthly volume and keyword difficulty of less than 20%.

There were over 1400 ideas for you right here. And so there’s a niche somewhere for you, and all you need to do is just parse through this sort of data to find those sorts of opportunities. 

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