Look – I get it, I’ve been there.

You have a great business idea or you believe you can make a difference with your product or service, but you simply need a little direction to make it all “click”.

If you’re coming here from YouTube, you know I love talking about all things business strategy, customer growth and retention, SEO and digital marketing.

Having been a co-founder of a VC-backed startup and taking it from pre-revenue to multiple seven-figures in revenue, I’ve seen my share of the trenches and what it takes to get a business to lift off.

In my one-on-one coaching, we can discuss anything related to sales, digital marketing, or entrepreneurship. Here are a few examples of topics:

  • Hiring and scaling a productive remote team of virtual assistants
  • Devising a clear content marketing strategy
  • Auditing your site’s SEO deficiencies
  • Creating a profitable side hustle
  • Identifying your ideal customer profile
  • Deciding your ideal sales or marketing tech stack
  • Discussing how to motivate and improve your employee retention
  • Examining where you can save money in your business or renegotiate with your vendors
  • Improving your habits and productivity

I enjoy helping to meet the needs of ambitious business owners and entrepreneurs.

Whether it’s coming up with pinpointing who your ideal customer profile is, identifying opportunities for you to generate more leads, or simply reworking a process that isn’t working, I can help.

Here is how we may be able to work together:

  • Tell me about yourself by completing the form below. This will help provide me with context on you, your business, and what you’re hoping to achieve. If I can’t help, I’ll tell you up front.
  • From here, I’ll send you a link where you’ll decide whether to book a 30-minute consulting session ($200) or 60-minute ($300) consulting session.