What is it Really Like to Sell Software?

What is it Really Like to Sell Software (SaaS Sales)

Being in software sales is in my opinion, the dream and where you want to be if you are going to kickstart a sales career. Stick with me until the end of this article to learn three reasons why selling software is awesome, why I personally have enjoyed selling software for the last decade, as … Read more

How to Hit Your Sales Quota

How to Hit Your Sales Quota _ 5 Steps I've Used

Hitting your sales quota is literally your number one job as a sales rep. That means it’s muy importante. Years ago when I was starting my career, I started it in sales because I was scaling the revenue side of a startup. Because of that experience, I had a few years where I had to … Read more

Sales Interview Tips: 5 Things NOT to Do

Sales Interview Tips- What NOT to Do (5 Things)

Over the years I conducted over a hundred sales interviews and I’ve been on the hiring committee that’s decided whether or not to move a candidate forward. Needless to say, that means that I’ve had to sit through a number of truly unfortunate sales interviews. So today, I’m going to share with you the five … Read more

5 Mistakes I Made My First Year in Sales

5 Mistake I Made My First Year in Sales

When I entered the startup world over a decade ago, one of the first lessons I realized was that sales drives everything. If you don’t have any sales, you won’t survive. So in this article, I’m going to dig into five of the biggest mistakes I made in my first year in sales. This way, … Read more