Is Organic SEO Still Worth It?

In today’s article, we’re going to be digging into some real-world data in terms of whether or not organic SEO is still worth it. By the end of this article, you’re going to have a clear understanding of where a blog specifically, a B2B SaaS companies blog can be in just six months.

What is exactly going on with Google?

Before we actually dig into today’s presentation, the inspiration for this article is that I’ve seen a lot of rumblings about changes that Google is making in recent years. Specifically, the fact that Google is prioritizing, keeping people on Google longer as opposed to giving actual traffic to other websites. For example, when you’re searching for different things nowadays, you’re going to see a lot more featured snippets that actually bring up the information from the actual article itself, as opposed to encouraging the user to click into that website to read the actual content.

And this is a trend that I think is going to continue to happen over the course of the next few years. Google is incentivized to keep people on Google because it means that they can get more data about their users, as well as make sure that they can curate more personalized things and provide a better search experience for the user and, or just sell that user more things.

So it makes sense that Google is making this transition. But it makes it challenging for marketers like us, because as a result, there are less click-throughs on our websites and therefore less organic traffic. So now that we have some background context in terms of what exactly is going on with Google, let’s jump into a presentation to dig into what’s been on the B2B blog that I’ve been building for the last six months.

Background context of this blog

So we’ve got our beautiful quick presentation I put together here. And the first thing in terms of some background is at the time that I’m pulling this data, I released around 50 pieces of long form content on this blog. And within this, all of it has been released after the month of July. So with this schedule, it has pretty much worked out to two to four posts a week. In the earlier days, I was posting a lot more just to get a kickstart in terms of the content, but nowadays we’re posting about two posts every single week.

Furthermore, what you need to know about this particular domain is that there was no prior blog for this business’ website.

How the first few months went and later months have looked like

So now that we have some background context, let’s take a look at how the first few months went and then what the later few months have looked like. In the early months, the big question that I would say that I was asking myself is, is this thing even on? And the reason why is because when you are starting a new blog, it’s really hard to get meaningful traffic to your blog, and also to get the attention of Google.

You just simply don’t have enough content on your page to really give it the attention or love that it deserves. And so in the early days, what you’ll see here is that we created about 10 qualified leads between the time-span of August 4th and October 31st. On this screen, what I’m doing is I’m pulling a model comparison tool with a 90 day look back period for first interaction on anything that’s on our particular blog, and then filtering out by particular URLs that would fall onto our blogs subdomain.

So it’s a combination of freebies as well as blog content that we are releasing here. And the reason why we do this sort of approach is because if you don’t use the model comparison tool, in terms of assessing where your leads are coming from, then what Google Analytics is going to do is it’s going to attribute everything to the last page that somebody was on before they convert it.

However, in the second time period, the story completely changes. Before we dig into the very exciting second period of snapshot of our blog performance, if you’re getting value out of this video, hit that like button below. All right. So now we see the first time period of August 4th to October 31st, let’s see what happened after that.

And to do that, we need a drum roll from Danielle Ricardo. And so when we start to jump into this, I’m going to move this guy over here because it’s going to come in the way the slide. But what you’ll see here is that in the second time period of November 1st to January 28th, we have seen a huge improvement in terms of our freebies.

Now our freebies are getting 17 leads and we have individual pages as well that have also attributed more leads from these individual pages. So in other words, each of these pages are blog posts that have generated nine respective leads, 7 5, 4, 3, and so on, and this continues for a whole another page.

And so what you’ll see is that from the time period of November 1st to January 28th, we have generated 67 fully qualified leads. So this excludes people that may have still just entered our form, but weren’t actually qualified for a business, and that’s huge. That’s a huge number versus that first time period that we saw.

Is organic SEO worth it?

Absolutely. We have to generate 67 qualified leads as opposed to 10 leads, which is close to a seven X number in just a matter of a few months. Again, this blog is super young. It doesn’t even have all that much content, but it’s already getting a lot of positive signals. Organic traffic is up, it’s trending in the upper direction. It’s been trending towards 10,000 page views every single month, and it’s clear that the content that we’re creating is also valuable to our audience because they’re getting interested in our business and then filling out our forms to learn more about our business.

Big Takeaways

1. You are creating a lot of valuable content for your target market, that you will be given your shots on goal in terms of getting organic traffic, as well as leads for your business.

2. The second thing though, is that you need to be consistent over a pretty long period of time in order to get results.

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