Facebook Marketplace Tips & Tricks: Why Your Ads Aren’t Selling (Ep. 3)

If Barkbox teaches you anything it’s that pet owners will spend money on their pets. So in this article, I’m going to be digging into six real-world examples from Facebook Marketplace to show you exactly how people are selling pet clothes effectively or ineffectively. 

Exampe 1: Pet Clothes Lots A

Digging right in, our first example today is someone that’s selling a lot of pet clothes. So in this situation, their title is just pet clothes, and if you’ve read my recent articles, you know that this title needs work. So they’re not going to score points on the framework in terms of this one.

But I would say that they could improve this if they were to just include things like what the condition of the item is, what type of pet clothes there is. So for example, I can see that some of this pet clothes includes things like July 4th or seasonal things, and that would be great to just work into the title, like seasonal pet clothes and things like that.

The next thing that we dig into in our seven-point framework is price. And we know that this is really clear because it’s $38 and it’s shipping for $3.75 cents. The next thing we dig into are the photos. And in this situation, the photos are honestly not that great. In fact, what I would say is that they could really improve it by just showing what each of the items actually are. 

If you’re going to be selling a lot of pet clothes, what I recommend you do is you include one or two photos that has every single thing in the lot together as your first photos, and then follow it up by breaking down specifically what each of the items are individually. In the case where you’re selling more than the 10 item max for the photos, what you should do is think about creative ways that you can work things in while still making abundantly clear to the prospective buyer what they are looking at. 

The next thing we look at is the item condition. And this situation, the lister is doing great because they have used the condition tag of like-new. So this is abundantly clear. After we look at the condition, though, what we want to look at then is whether or not they have stated any clear benefits to the buyer. In this situation, it’s not really clear that there are all that many benefits to buying this used or like-new pet clothes from them. And so this is something that they could definitely improve upon. 

Example benefits to the buyer could be like, dress your pet for success on every single seasonal event or something like that. Whatever it might be in order to motivate somebody as a prospective buyer to be more interested in your item. 

As we move on past the benefits to the buyer, the other thing we should be thinking about is whether or not we have advertise some sort of savings to the potential buyer. In this situation, this listing also misses the mark here, and it would have been just really simple to say, for example, how much all the clothes was originally and how much they’re getting it for percentage wise off for the $38. 

Lastly, as we look at the payment method, this is actually abundantly clear because they are using Facebook payments for this. 

So overall, on our seven-point framework, this listing gets three points. One point for the desired price, one point for the item condition as well as a final point for the preferred payment method in terms of delivery as well. 

Example 2: Pet clothes, size, XS, different prices

For this second listing today, we’ve got another lot of pet clothes, but as you can tell right off the bat, this is going to be a much better listing. Right off the bat, the title of it is pet clothes, size, XS, different prices. This is great for the title overall because it has really taken advantage of citing things like what the sizing is, as well as what’s going on in this particular listing. It’s way more specific than the first example where it was just pet clothes.

The only thing that I’d say about this title though, is that something that is a little bit confusing is how it’s listed for $7. I’m assuming it’s $7 per item, but this is not abundantly clear from the listing and that’s something that what I’m wondering is whether or not the cheapest thing in this picture is $7 or if every single thing is $7.

So in this example, we are getting points for the title side of things, but we’re immediately losing points on the other end of things for making price very clear. Overall, the photos for this listing are so much better. And I really like how this seller has put things against that faux wood backdrop. It makes it really nice in terms of giving a more professional or polished look for the pictures and making it look like I’m serious as a seller here in terms of giving you a quality product. 

That said the only area of improvement that I would recommend here is really making that faux wood backdrop consistent throughout all the photos. As you can tell here, in that final example, they are not really using that same backdrop in that instance. And so that’s something in which they always should improve that in the future for this listing. 

As we move on to the condition, the condition is really clear. They are using the tag for like-new, great job here. And then as we dig into benefits for the buyer, this is where this is not so clear, right? There’s no clear benefits to the buyer in terms of the use of the product description listing. And then also there’s no clear savings angle either. And I feel like for a post that has such good photos like this, that they should really capitalize on the opportunity here.

When we look at the payment method, this is super clear because they are using Facebook payments once again. Overall, this listing is a little lackluster in that the description is trying to direct them to another Facebook page of theirs. And if you see my recent articles on Facebook Marketplace, you know how much I don’t like this because it really detracts from somebody taking the clear call-to-action to contacting you to buy your item.

So this is something that they could improve upon. That being said, a picture says a thousand words, and I really like how professional the first few photos in this listing are. It’s honestly no surprise to me that this seller has 119 positive ratings because it’s clear that they know what they’re doing to some extent on Facebook.

All right. So as we can see from this second listing, this listing is a little bit better than our first listing in that it’s going to get points for the keyword-optimized title. It’s going to get points for the photos, the item condition, as well as the payment method. 

If we were to improve upon it, we should talk more about things like what the actual desired prices for each of the items, as well as benefits to the buyer and the savings angle.

Like we’ve been on it the last few weeks, we’re looking for a great listing. And so let’s keep looking at a few more examples to see if we can find a listing that tops this score of a four out of seven. 

Example 3: Small sized dog clothes

As we look at our third example today, this will be our last lot of pet clothes that we look at, and in this case, the title is small sized dog clothes. Overall, this title is fine. It could be a little bit prettier in terms of properly capitalizing things and whatnot, but it’s not going to make or break things. It would be good if they did include some sort of interventionists to the condition of the items here. But overall it’s still better than the first one so I will give it points for this area. 

As we move on to the next section, they are using tags properly in which they’re saying that it’s like-new. That’s really clear. And the price is also crystal clear here. It is clear that each item is $10, which is a lot clearer than the last one in which it was just listed as $7, but it wasn’t really clear if every single thing was actually $7. 

The only thing that I’m thinking about as I worked my way through this price section is, is there a particular deal that you could potentially be offering as the seller if somebody were to actually buy the entire lot pet clothes.

As we look at some of the photos, these are pretty good in general. I like how each one has their own dedicated photo. Only question I have about these photos though, is why that last photo is actually the same thing as the first photo. I’m assuming that this is just a seller error, but this is something that they could improve upon in their listing just to avoid any potential confusion from potential buyers.

The other thing that I’d recommend to this seller is to add a little bit of contrast to these pictures to make the items pop a little bit more. You don’t have to go overboard, but just adding a little more contrast to these photos would make them stand out a little bit better than they currently do. 

Overall that condition is clear. However, everything else at the rest of the framework is unclear. The savings to the buyer are unclear. The actual benefits of the buyer are also unclear, and even the payment method is not clear because I don’t actually know what the delivery method is. And so this is something in which overall they would score four points out of seven once again. For this time on keyword-optimized title, desired price, the photos, and the item condition. However, they would lose points on the final three criteria in our framework. 

Example 4: Pet clothes size S

For our first individual listing today, we’re looking at a really cute duck dog clothes listing, and this situation, the title is pet clothes size S. The title is fine. It’s not great. It could include something that just talks about the duck clothes that the theme is. However, it is better than some of the other ones we’ve seen today. And so I will give it points even though it should take advantage of the unique thing that they’re selling.

When you’re thinking about titling your posts, it can be really great to just think about different ways you can stand out from all the other titles. So it’s really important for you to say pet clothes in your title, but also to distinguish your pet clothes listing from everybody else. As we move on to the next thing, the pricing is actually really clear. It’s $5 and it ships for $3.75 cents. So they will get points there.

Overall, the photos are pretty nice. In fact, I think it’s kind of funny how they bait and switch you by using the manufacturer’s photos followed by their own photo. But because they’re selling this with the condition of new, I think it’s overall fine to use the manufacturer’s photo as long as they have also included their own photo.

Generally speaking, I don’t like to use manufacturer’s photos because I think it’s way more authentic to sell on Facebook Marketplace with your own photos. We just went over how the condition is new so they get points there.

In terms of the benefits to the buyer, this is a little unclear. They do a good job of including dimensions for the pet clothes, which is a lot better than some of the other listings we’ve seen today. But again, they could hit this point a little bit more directly.

In terms of the savings angle, there’s no mention of that, so they don’t get points there. And then the payment method is clear though, because again, they’re using Facebook payments. So with this listing, we are getting just a little bit closer to finding that perfect listing as this listing score is a five out of seven, where they only lost points on the benefits of the buyer and the savings to the buyer.

Example 5: Hello Kitty Dog Cat Pet Clothes Dress – Size X-Small

Our fifth example today is a hello kitty pet clothes listing. In this case, the title is clearly the best one we’ve seen all day. It’s Example 5: Hello Kitty Dog Cat Pet Clothes Dress – Size X-Small, this is clearly targeted for keywords. And so this is something that they’ve done a really great job at in terms of including the sizing, the different pets, and also that key phrase of pet clothes. 

In this case, the price is also clear at $6 and then $3.75 for shipping. And then the photos are also really great. These are probably the best ones we’ve seen. And the reason why I say that is because they show the tag with a size chart as well as different angles of the clothes. So if you see my other recent Facebook Marketplace article, you know how important I emphasize that each photo should be revealing some other attributes about the product you’re selling.

You should not just be taking one photo from the left, one photo from the right, and then be showing the same exact thing. If for example, you were selling a drawer, you would actually want to open up the drawer and show how far the drawer opens. The same thing applies in pet clothes here, and you can see that with this particular listing.

As we move on in our framework, the condition is crystal clear with the tag of new. The benefits to the buyer is not clear, so no points there. However, this savings angle is considered here because they mentioned how they can create a bundle for combined shipping. And so I’ll give a point here because they included that bit in their actual listing itself.

Lastly, the payment method is crystal clear because they are using Facebook payments again. I am not surprised in this example that this seller has 243 five-star ratings because it’s really clear that they know what they’re doing when they’re creating an effective listing. And we can tell that when we run it through our seven-point framework. 

This listing is a perfect example of why it’s worth spending that extra few minutes to refine your listing and create something really professional. Because this listing score is six out of seven in which the only thing they’re missing out on is just some sort of short line that focuses on the benefits to the buyer. 

Overall though, a plus job here with a six out of seven. That’s the highest score for today. Let’s see if the final listing we’re going to look at today is going to top this one. 

Example 6: Luxury Pet Pajamas Fashion Clothes for Small and Medium Dogs

For the last example today, we’ve got a luxury pet clothes listing. I didn’t even know that luxury pet clothes really existed, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. 

In this case, the title is luxury pet pajamas, fashion clothes for small and medium dogs. This is great because it fulfills the intent for pet clothes, as well as for people that might own small and medium dogs. Full points there. The price is also crystal clear. It’s $15 and it’s $3.75 for shipping of a pair of these pajamas. In this case, because the item is all the same in which they’re selling one set of pajamas, this is where I’m not going to take off points because they show multiple pictures of the different types of pajamas versus the earlier case in which it was a lot of clothes in which it might be more unclear as to what exactly I was buying for X dollars.

The other thing is the photos are fantastic. As we scroll through this listing, I love how they’re actually using real pictures of animals wearing these pajamas to help you actually start to visualize what that might look like for you and your pet.

The condition is crystal clear ’cause you can see that you’re using the tag of condition new and also you notice how they start the listing by saying how it’s new and sealed. Overall, the benefits to the buyer are not immediately clear in the listing. However, I’m still going to give them points here today because they use their photos to actually demonstrate those benefits to the buyer.

They’re showing you what it might actually look like for you to have your cute pet, in this particular set of clothes. And so this is another way to communicate those benefits to the buyer. It doesn’t have to always be in the form of text. However, on the flip side of things, they don’t really include anything in terms of the saving single. So this is something that I’m honestly not surprised they aren’t doing because they’re positioning themselves as luxury pet clothes.

And no other listing today have we seen something listed for $15 for the item itself? In most situations, it’s been $10 or less. And so it makes sense that they don’t have some sort of savings angle for the potential buyer here.

Lastly, when it comes to the preferred payment method, this is really clear because they are using Facebook payments. It’s no surprise again, in this situation that this seller has over 200 positive reviews because it’s really clear that they know what it takes to make a really effective listing. So overall on the seven-point framework, this listing score is another six out of seven with the only reason why they didn’t get the seven because of the actual listing of the item they’re selling in the situation as being luxury. 

Overall, though, these last two examples have been absolute fire and great examples as to how you can really step up your Facebook Marketplace listing to sell more. You should not be surprised that these sellers have such high rankings because of how effective their listings are. 

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