Use This Free SEO Tool with Keywords Everywhere to Find Content Ideas Fast

One of the coolest parts of having some paid SEO tools like SEMRush is the ability to look at mind maps, which are those sorts of visualizations of the ways that keywords are connected to one another. You’ve also maybe seen them when you’re trying out different tools, like Answer the Public, but sometimes over time, those tools become paid only tools that you don’t have access to.

This article will show you a free tool that you can use to help you in visualizing the ways that certain keywords you might be researching might be connected to one another.

Digging into SEO Data Viz

To do this, we’re going to use a website called Essentially all you need to do is input in this keyword phrase that you are interested in exploring more of.

So let’s go ahead and take a look at this free tool and what’s really cool about it. So right off the bat, when you access the website, you’re going to be able to enter any search query. In this case, I’m going to continue off the example of some of my recent articles have been using around building a soccer website. So maybe I’m just going to search soccer players.

And in this case, I’m going to go ahead and input that search and what’s going to happen is SEO database is going to run that query through all sorts of different searches. And the first thing it’s going to show me is the sort of Ngram map based off of related search phrases. Honestly, I don’t find this all that helpful, but what you might find at use of for is to start to think about some potential content ideas for your website that you may have missed in your first pass through your niche.

What I actually find more valuable though, is what’s in these sections below it in the related question section. So if you go ahead and go there, you can see that there are all sorts of phrases that come to mind. What’s really cool about this tool is that you can actually just go ahead and download the export of all the results here in the case where you don’t like the way that it’s visualized.

In this case, I’ve gone ahead and done that. And then what I can do is I can open up this Excel spreadsheet and then what you can see just right off the bat here is that we have all these different phrases that are potentially interesting to us that we could potentially look into a little bit further.

So some of them might be legitimate, some of them might not be, but what’s really nice here is that we’re essentially just getting a ton of different ideas being fed to us in a really low lift way. And you’ll notice how this is pretty much really factoring in all those different sort of initial phrases that people might be putting into Google in our respective niche.

So that’s really cool in general, you see that there are some questions here like are soccer player is vaccinated? Are soccer player is the most fit athletes. So these are the sorts of things that could potentially make for great content ideas. And we wouldn’t have otherwise gotten that if we had not just gone ahead and plugged it into SEO Data Viz.

What I really like about this tool

So I really like this visualization tool because it can give us a few more ideas than potentially just going through the process of searching for a particular question and then doing the related questions. In this particular example, it’s just going to pull everything all at once for me, which saves me some time.

What’s also really cool is that you can actually see the search term relationship map for soccer players. So this is kind of interesting because what you can do is you can actually click into each of these respective search phrases and then see what might be connected to that phrase. So for example, in this case, soccer players heart attacks, you notice that a lot of those different things that are connected here are obviously, just related to heart attacks and different places of players, professional players, European players, Denmark players and whatnot.

But what I really like about this tool is it just kind of gives you a more fun way to visualize things than working off of purely Google. And it’s a free tool. So it’s something that you can definitely get a lot of value out of.

Do this on the list of potential ideas from SEO Data Viz

Now, the next natural question is what would I do with the sort of list of potential ideas from SEO data viz? Well, what you could do is you could actually start to prune some of the best ideas from this sort of list and then feed them into some sort of SEO tool to get the volume behind those respective keywords. From there, you could then start to investigate the keyword difficulties as well as what sort of long tail phrases might be easier to rank for with just long form content, as opposed to having to create a video.

And that would give us another source of inspiration in terms of potential ideas for content that we could create. So to go ahead and do this, I’m gonna do this really quickly with Keywords Everywhere and their batch keyword analysis tool, just to show you how I might be able to apply the things that I get from SEO data viz into another keyword tool, but you can use whatever your respective favorite tool is when it comes to getting volume and things like that.

I just like to use Keywords Everywhere to do so, because it’s really cheap to do so and they have a bulk keyword analyzer tool. All right. So right here, I’ve got that master keyword list of ideas and what I can do here is I can start to prune things based off of what I might think is more interesting than others.

What to look through

What I’m going to look through is I’m going to look through things that I think are just inherently interesting to me personally, even if I’m not from the soccer niche just because I think that it might be a good source of inspiration for content. So in this case, I have best soccer players of all time. Definitely think that would be something interesting. How many soccers are on a soccer team, for sure. Maybe there would be something in terms of how many soccer players are on the field. Soccer players dying on the field, kind of morbid, but something that we could explore. We could definitely look into things like, what do soccer players do? What do they eat? What do they wear? Which ones wear number 10 versus number 17? How many soccer players are on a team? All right. We can keep on going through here, which soccer players stood for the Anthem. Sure. Go ahead and put most goals. Most trophies. All right.

So what I’m just doing here is I’m going ahead and putting in some example search phrases that I think are just interesting based off of the ways that I think about keywords. And so what I think about as you’re coming through this is I’d ask myself, what do I think is interesting from this list? What do I think are just questions that people are naturally asking that might be thought provoking questions, or just spark curiosity or an intrigue, because it likely means that somebody is searching on Google for those phrases.

Running a quick filter for interesting ideas

So let’s assume that I’ve gone ahead and gone through this list. Next, I just go ahead and run a quick filter for the ones that I thought were interesting. And here, you can see that these are the ideas. Now I’m going to hop into my browser. And from here, what we’re gonna do is we’re going to plug these into Keywords Everywhere. And then from there, you’re going to want to go ahead and click into Keywords Everywhere, and then click bulk keywords data.

So once you’ve gone ahead and click the bulk keywords data option, you’re going to see this option where you can just go ahead and paste in all the things that you have previously marked. From here, just click the get metrics button. And here you can see all the different search volumes as well as potential competition scores based off Keywords Everywhere for the sorts of phrases that I put in.

I have some filters that are the reasons why some of these are being highlighted for me. But essentially, what I can do is I can actually filter this down a little bit further where maybe I only want keywords that are less than 10,000 in search volume. Maybe I want to look at things that have lower than a 0.4 competition score. And what I’ll also do is I’ll just go ahead and sort by trending, or actually, I’ll, I’m just going to do it by search volume, ’cause that might be more interesting for me.

And here, what you can see is that from the keywords, the 12 keywords that I fed in some of the ones that would probably be most interesting for me if I were working on a new website is looking for why soccer players are so dramatic. Why do male soccer players wear bras, and what soccer players eat as well as what soccer players do?

I wouldn’t go after these top three necessarily right out of the gate just because it might be a little bit harder for me to rank for in the case where my site doesn’t have any authority in the soccer niche.

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