This Guy Makes $20K+ from His Websites Following this Simple Formula

Building and operating websites can be really, really challenging, but in this article, I’m going to be sharing with you a story of a random person that I found on the internet that’s absolutely crushing with his websites. This is somebody that you probably have never heard of because I’ve never seen him on any podcast talking about his sites, but he’s doing really, really well. And we’re gonna take a deep dive into the story of Jeff Campbell and exactly what he’s doing so effectively with his sites.

By the end of this article, you’re going to have a better understanding of some considerations that you might want to think of as well in the case where you’re building websites for yourself.

The importance of crafting your story

The website that I found that Jeff own was the and something that you’ll notice right off the bat is he’s really following that very prototypical income school website, where he’s got his about me on the right-hand side to establish his authority. And then on the left-hand side, he’s got all of his recent content. But what I really love about Jeff and the first learning takeaway that you can learn from him is that it’s really important for you to craft your story.

And what you can see on the right-hand side here is that he’s talking about how he was a leader for the whole foods market for over two decades. He worked in nine stores across four different states and has all of this background history around food, grocery stores, and things like that. The reason why this is so powerful is because it really builds up his authority in a space from just the very short blurb.

And even if you were to click into the respective about me page, you would learn even more about Jeff in which you can see how he’s a recovering foodie. And that he’s been in a WholeFoods Apron Circa 2005, which is a long, long time ago in this case.

In fact, he’s even got a picture of himself with the CEO, John Mackey from all these years ago. So something that I really loved about Jeff is that on every single one of his websites, he actually personalizes the about me pages to talk about his connection to the topic that his website is about. He’s talking about all of his sort of past experiences around whole foods market, as well as why exactly he really created this website.

And this really differentiates himself from a lot of the other niche sites that people build. Oftentimes, people won’t have a deep about me page that uses narrative storytelling to build a connection with the reader. And there’s a lot of reasons as to why this is so powerful. On one level, it helps you build a one-to-one relationship with Jeff, as opposed to you just feeling like you’re visiting another website around grocery stores or food, and then bouncing off that page in the future.

So he’s taking a tactic that you’ll see a lot from recipe websites in which when you come across a recipe website, that’s run by one person or two people, they often like to talk about their stories because it helps build a connection to the reader who lands on their website.

A lot of niche site creators don’t really care that much for

The second thing I think is so important to take away from his about page is that Jeff is talking about how passionate he is about the respective space that he’s operating in. And that’s something that I think a lot of niche site creators these days don’t really care all that much for.

They focus so much of their time on just the keyword research and mastering the content articles that they don’t actually have all that much passion behind the space that they’re entering. The reason why that impacts you is because over the long term, if you don’t care at all about the niche that you’re in, you’re going to naturally lose motivation to continue creating content in the space that you’re operating in.

So something that I really liked about Jeff’s website here is that right off the bat, it’s really clear that he’s incredibly passionate about his work as well as he has a personal tie to the actual niche that he is in.

The advantage of using keyword clusters

The second thing that I really appreciate about Jeff’s website is how he tackles things in terms of keyword clusters. So you’ll notice this when you go through his recent articles post in which you can see how in his recent post he’s been tackling coverage around American Spirits. His latest posts are, are American spirits vegan? Why American Spirits are better? Why does American Spirit burn so slow?

So you can tell these tackling topics through a very slow and methodical approach, as opposed to just creating one master post on one topic and then jumping to the next. So he does this over and over again in which what you can do is you can scroll through his post and you can see how his other cluster, before this was around salmon or sushi. You can see how he’s covering things like, can I eat raw salmon from H Mart or do you have to cure salmon for sushi?

And these are the sorts of phrases that people are also asking. These are the sorts of phrases that are super easy to rank for because they’re super long tail intent, which allows him to really build up his traffic for his website.

A few key SEO fundamentals go a long way

As you dig a little bit deeper into Jeff’s websites, you also notice a few other key fundamentals when it comes to the SEO side. Right off the bat, he’s really optimized for page speed, which is another important consideration when it comes to building your niche websites. What I really like about Jeff’s approach here is that his content is also not super dry. In this case, you can see how he’s incorporating different Instagram posts. He’s working in different subheaders as well. It is visually appealing, and it’s not just a ton of plain text all the way down through the post.

This is a great way to continue to engage people because it essentially leverages content that other people have created on other platforms in order to help communicate a key point in these particular articles.

So right off the bat, what I love about some of these sorts of pieces that Jeff creates is that it’s a super simple website that doesn’t really clutter too much, but still allows for visual breaking in terms of the content that he’s delivering. You also notice that he has some core fundamentals in terms of connecting topics together, in which, like I just said, with the topical clusters, what he’s doing here is he’s connecting it to these other salmon articles that he has also created.

And so he covers a ton of stuff here, and what’s really nice about this is that he does this across several of his websites. Something I think is so impressive is that Jeff isn’t necessarily doing anything crazy here, but he scales this across several websites. So as I stumbled upon, I also discovered a few other websites that Jeff runs.

How he replicates the same formula across multiple sites

Let’s go ahead and take a look at how he replicate the same formula for success across multiple websites. So here you can see that we’re on his other website called and low and behold, we’ve got Jeff camp on the right hand side with a different sort of background in terms of his bio that’s more applicable to his target audience here. And then you’ll also see a Learn More About Me page, where he digs into his specific experiences when it connects to being a middle class dad.

Notice how he uses a different picture and all that stuff, but he still is relating everything around his story and the power of his story. And that’s really powerful because it essentially still, again, builds that connection with his reader. What’s also simple right off the bat is you can see how he’s tackling again, those people also ask questions that people are searching for that are great long tail search phrases that people can rank for.

So in this case, what you see here is that he’s going into things like can a marriage last without intimacy, can a relationship go back to normal after cheating, he’s even going into income reports for himself.

What he’s doing really well

So let’s actually take a look at exactly what he’s doing really well. He’s actually making $67,000 in gross revenue from his respective websites. And so what this is telling you is that this is super lucrative for him. It’s something in which he is crushing it with these different websites. So this was something in which it was in the first quarter of 2022, but you can see just off of this blog post, that what he’s sharing is that his sites are making close to 23 grand a month or so, just from being able to scale up the ads on his website and here you can see how he actually breaks down his respective sites where he’s breaking down his revenue by ads, as well as other revenue sources.

So you can see here all the sort of success that we have, in which, in the case of the prior website, we just stumbled upon the grocery store guy is getting a $27 and 52 cent sort of RPM per a thousand visitors and he’s getting a ton of traffic across the board. So he’s also making several thousand dollars affiliate revenue and things like that. So what might this tell you for yourself? Well, it’s telling you that if you’re building niche websites, you might not want to just go all in on one site.

In this particular example, you can see how Jeff has a variety of different websites. It looks like he’s got at least five different websites here. He might be incubating some other ones and not just publicly sharing them or something like that, but you can see how it’s all sort of diversified across multiple streams of revenue. So that’s another takeaway for you when it comes to learning from Jeff here in which it’s really important that you diversify across different niches once you start being able to scale up your portfolio.

The reason why that’s important is because in the case where the algorithm penalizes you for one particular area, the other sites that you’re working on can potentially offset that sort of penalization, why you recover that site. And what’s really nice about this respective approach for him is that it’s so simple and so straightforward. It’s clearly working for him, right? And you’ll see that he takes this approach on his other websites as well.

Here’s another one of his websites in which we’re on Dojo Life HQ. Again, right hand side it’s still Jeff Campbell, but it’s Jeff Campbell with a different picture of him doing some dojo stuff. And also talking about his connection to martial arts. And then as we go into the about me page, again, he’s talking about his story around martial arts and all this sort of jazz. It really builds up all the authority behind his background in the space. And again, he then digs into the different things in terms of the people also ask phrases.

He’s covering some best of content and even some general questions that might be coming up. What’s really inspiring in the case of Jeff Campbell, is that he’s really just crushing it from being consistent over long time periods. If you were to go through his websites, you’d see that he’s actually been at this for years.

In fact, I found this little-known podcast called Hack Your Wealth podcast, where he actually spoke more than two years ago. And it’s only got it like 88 views or so, but he’s talking about the exact strategy that he’s taken. And despite this, he’s been able to achieve a ton of success under the radar just by being consistent over long periods of time.

Key takeaway

And that’s something that I think that you can take away from this as well, in which if you’re just starting out with your website, just focus on getting one piece out now and then continue to gradually build up the process and system for you to scale that out even further.

Once you create one piece, you can create 10 pieces and once you create 10 pieces, you can create a hundred pieces. And once you do that, the sky is the limit. And that’s what you can clearly see in the case of Jeff and his approach to building websites.

So hopefully, you found this inspirational in terms of just learning a thing or two from Jeff. I certainly did in terms of just taking a look at how well he scaled his websites and it just goes to show you how the world is your oyster when it comes to building these websites, you just have to actually commit over incredibly long periods of time in order to see through success, especially when it comes to an SEO sort of approach to building an online business.