Is SEO Worth It? These 9-Month Results are Crazy

Over the course of my channel. I’ve shown you some snippets in terms of some case studies of successes that I’ve had when it comes to organic SEO. But that being said, it’s not always something that happens overnight. So in today’s article, I’m going to be sharing with you the three months versus nine-month results for a blog that I’ve been building that’s been seeing a ton of growth because we’ve been consistent with our content strategy.

What has been the high level content strategy for this respective blog

The first thing we need to do before we actually jump into the numbers is understand exactly what the high level content strategy has been for this respective blog.

In this situation, I’ve been releasing two to three pieces of content every week or so for the last nine months. That being said, there was a lull in between the months of January through March, where we took a little bit of a break and had some writer turnover, however, ever since July 1st of last year, we’ve been releasing two to three pieces of content consistently targeting long tail keywords that we found on SEMRush, as well as using Ahrefs.

So, what we’ve done is we’ve built up a core team of freelance content writers who essentially tackle these long-tail phrases that people are searching for in our respective niche. And then what we’ll do is we’ll try to snatch up as many of those people also ask phrases as well as snippets that might be out there. And here are the results for that effort.

In one of my previous articles, I actually dug into the actual number of leads that we’ve generated from this respective blog. However, what I want to talk about is just in general, the actual impressions we’re getting from Google search console.

The actual impressions in the first three months of this blog

So what you’ll see here is my first three months in building this respective blog. This starts on July 1st, 2021, and ends on October 31st, 2021. And what you can tell is that pretty much for the first month or so that we are producing content, there’s really no real traction to show for that effort. If you were to isolate for July 1st, all the way up until the end of July not much has changed from the beginning to the end of that month.

However, you’ll notice that things start to grow between 7/31 of 2021, and then the end of the following month in which now we’re starting to see some traction for our respective efforts.

That said everything is not always up into the right. There are some weeks in which things go up, other things go down.

But the important thing that we emphasize within our content strategy and our team was that we needed to create enough content for Google to understand what our website was all about, specifically our blog. And so what we did was we committed to the strategy and what you can tell is that over time, between all of these respective months what’s happening is we are starting to see more and more traction.

So this now I actually realized July, August, September, October, I’m showing you a four-month snapshot, but essentially what you’ll see is that if you were to even just cut it off at the end of the September time period, you’re starting to actually see traction with respect to this respective of blog.

That said, though, this really is only the tip of the iceberg, because if we were to have just stopped committing to creating content at this point, we would have missed out on what we then see in the following months at the nine-month mark.

What it looks like 9 months later

So let’s go ahead and take a look at what that looks like from longer time horizon. So the next screenshot I’m going to show you is from July 1st all the way up until the end of April give or take. And what you can tell is that things have really exploded since the last screenshot.

But what you’ll see is that in this particular screenshot, if we were to have stopped it at where we had looked, which is the end of October, we would be right here when actually we’ve gone ahead and probably at this 0.5 X or 6X the impressions as well as click-throughs because we’ve been consistent with our content strategy.

What’s our takeaway here?

So you may be wondering what exactly is the lesson that I’m trying to show you guys from this? Well, it’s the important takeaway, which is SEO takes time, especially organic SEO. This is something that I have repeatedly done over and over through the last decade. And I can tell you that it only happens when you play the game long enough to actually have yourself a strong enough content-based to have an authoritative site around your respective topic or niche.

And this is exactly what’s happening right now. These sorts of results have been accomplished with pretty much a two to three posts a week schedule with the exception of a few months. In the beginning of this year, we actually had so much writer turnover that we had to restaff people and we weren’t actually releasing regular content then.

But what you’ll notice though, is that all of that content that we started building in the first five or six months were enough that they started to age really well and give us more impressions and clicks.

But just to really put this into perspective, I’ve gone ahead and calculated some of the changes in terms of the numbers between the end of the four-month mark, and then the nine-month mark.

First 4 Months vs. 9 Months

If you were just to compare the end of the first four months results, versus the end of the nine months results, you’ll see a drastic difference in which by the end of our fourth month, we’d had around 3000 clicks to our website. However, since that time period we’ve had close to 62,000 clicks, that means that we’ve essentially added around 59,000 clicks to our website in that time period from the end of the fourth month and the ninth month.

Furthermore, if you were to look at the impressions, what you’ll see is that by the end of month four, we had about 117,000 impressions. And now that has completely blown itself out of the water where we’ve now 2.41 million impressions. And then what we’ve also seen is that our average position has moved up. What started as 17.9 at the end of month four is now around 11.2 and continues to climb.

So again, this just puts into perspective, the importance of waiting a good amount of time and putting enough content investment into your overall website in order to see whether or not the organic strategy is going to pay off.

If we were to have just given up at the end of month one or even month two, we wouldn’t have been able to see this results seven months later. And furthermore, if we had just stopped producing content, we wouldn’t continue to see the snowballing effect that is happening on our site.

The reason why this is so exciting to us is because this blog is really just a lead gen magnet for our business. It’s not the core thing we’re doing, we’re not putting ads on our blog. It all drives back to generating leads for our SaaS business. And the reason why that’s important is because what we’re noticing is that the increase in overall topical relevance and authority on these different long tail phrases that people are searching for in our niche are also leading to more core traffic to the main domain.

In other words, our organic traffic, when you look at our SEMRush profile has pretty much tripled in that nine months that we’ve started building this blog. So that’s really cool because not only is our blog bringing in new leads and whatnot, but it’s also increasing the overall page ranks of all of our core domain web pages as well that are outside of our blog.

What does this mean for you?

What this really does is it points out to you the importance of having an organic content strategy. I think a lot of times B2B SaaS companies or B2C SaaS companies don’t have strong enough organic SEO strategies when they’re really just leaving money on the table, as well as opportunities on the table if they were to invest in these sorts of strategies.

Hopefully from taking a look at this search console snapshot of the end of month four and month nine, you can see just how powerful it can be if you commit to a long-term content strategy.

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