How to Use Reddit for Keyword Research: Use These 2 Free Tools

Understanding your niche can be so important, and so in today’s article, I’m gonna be sharing with you a free tool that you can use to get a better understanding of the interconnectedness of your niche with other particular topics in your space.

By using this sort of free tool, you can get a better understanding of where you can potentially promote your content as well as other places and ideas for inspiration in terms of future topics to cover on your website.

The Tool

So digging right in, the tool for today is on a GitHub instance. What I love about this tool is that it essentially maps the relationships between one Reddit and other subreddits.

And what this does is it kind of gives you a spider web of interconnectedness in terms of what people of one subreddit, like in other subreddits as well. And the reason why that can be so useful is because sometimes subreddits are where there’s a ton of goldmines of information in terms of the sorts of questions people are asking for, as well as the sort of content that you could create for your niche that they would find really valuable.

How to use this tool

So when we get to this website, all we need to do is input in the niche that we are interested in creating our content on. Maybe we are covering things like personal finance. Well, what we can do is we can look up personal finance and then what it’s gonna do is it’s gonna comb through every single subreddit that exists on Reddit and then show you the sorts of subreddits that those people in these personal finance subreddit typically also are into.

And so you can see here how it’s connected to financial independence, stocks investing, home improvement, futurology, sports, today I learned, shower thoughts. There’s a bunch of like the larger subreddits within here, but you’ll notice on the right hand side some of the tangential ones that are more niche topics within personal finance.

And you might be asking me, why is this interesting to me? Or why should I care about this? Well, the reason why is because if we really start digging into these subcategories, this is where we can start to find a ton of inspiration for other pieces of content. Take, for example, stocks. From here if we wanted to think about personal finance and the connection of personal finance and stocks, what we could do is we could dig into these subreddits on the right hand side here, and then start to look at what sort of questions people might be asking that intersect with both personal finance and stocks.

Or on the bottom section here with the financial independence movement, you could look at specifically what are people asking with respect to, you know, financial dependence and personal finance. And what you can do is you can combine this tool with another tool that I’ve gone over in my channel way back ago, which is

Digging into

If you go ahead and open up a site like, what you can do is you can input in the related subreddits that are coming up for the initial phrase that you’re looking for. Or you can start first with what you were looking for and then start to go further down the rabbit hole from there.

If, for example, I wanted to start with personal finance, I can see how in this particular example, this subreddit has been growing quite a bit. In fact, I see a major spike a little bit ago. And essentially, we have continued to see this astronomical growth. And then something else that I can see though is I can actually just go down here and then from there I can look at some of most often stated phrases that come up within the subreddit. And this would potentially give me some ideas that I could then feed into SEMRush’s Keyword Magic Tool to come up with different ideas.

So if, for example, I wanted to just take a look at one of these respective things, I might wanna look at something like refinancing. Right, maybe I have a personal finance site and I haven’t talked about refinancing on my site. Well, from here, what I can do is I can open up the Keyword Magic Tool and then type in refinancing and then see what sort of keywords come up. So there’s tons of keywords here, but what I’d probably be most interested in are some of those low-competition keywords.

And so if I go ahead and filter those down, I can start to look a little bit more into this topic. But notice how I got here. Essentially, I started with some sort of high-arching story in terms of what my site was about. I tried to look at what are some of the connections or relationships as I looked into subreddit stats for these respective subreddits.

Digging into SEMRush Keyword Magic Tool

And then from there, I took it into the Keyword Magic Tool. And you can take the same sort of approach with those other related subreddits.

If, for example, I wanted to take a look at something like financial independence, let’s go ahead and take a look at that subreddit. Here we can see that when we go ahead and type that in, this subreddit has seen some astronomical growth through the years. It continues to grow as well. And if I keep on scrolling down, you can see all of these different phrases here, right? So this might spark some inspiration for me.

Maybe, for example, I haven’t thought about what would happen if I were to create some content around taking a sabbatical and that impact on your personal finance. What I could do in that case is I could go ahead and go into the Keyword Magic Tool, type in sabbatical, and then maybe I can also look for something like finance, and then from there I can see there’s not really that much around sabbaticals and finance and the intersection there.

But that being said, there are some potential phrases that do come up in the raw search around things like financing and sabbatical, how to finance a sabbatical, and so on. And something that I want to tell you here is that if you ever see zero volume in SEMRush,, that doesn’t necessarily mean that nobody in the world actually searches for that phrase.

And oftentimes these can actually some really awesome long tail keywords to chase after. But what you can see here is that I’ve essentially started with my ideal imaginary personal finance site, and I’ve started to identify tangentially related phrases to then create new topic clusters on my site.

And I can take the same approach over and over again. All I need to do from here is just look at these top keywords, what’s coming up a lot, and then from there start to brainstorm some different ideas for content that I can work into my websites.

How to use subreddits to promote your content

Aside from finding new ideas for your websites, you can also use that web of subreddits to also find where you could potentially promote your content. As long as you’re starting with giving a lot of value front, you may be able to find a smaller subreddit community where you can expand the distribution of your content simply by providing value upfront. That’s actually exactly how some really big sites like Starter Story as well as started.

They started by posting into respective subreddits, adding all of this value in terms of what they were teaching. And then they would give a link back to their website at the very end of the post or as the first comment of that post. And that can be a great way for you to get the word out about your website, get some initial impressions and feedback from people that are most interested in your respective site.

Try as much as possible though, to understand the culture of these subreddits if you can. Sometimes subreddits can be really critical around self-promotion, and so you wanna make sure that you do so in a tactful way if you are going to try to do so. And in the case where you don’t feel comfortable being self promotional, you can also just add a lot of value to different people in the subreddit. Then from there, start a DM with different folks as long as you start to build real relationships with those people and then start to distribute your content that way.

There’s tons of ways that you can focus on distribution and it doesn’t necessarily just have to be in a completely shameless sort of way in terms of seeing how you can take just an initial web of subreddits and then use that in order to come up with all sorts of different ideas.

When you combine that with a ton of the other free tools that I’ve taught in my channel, you’re going to be able to get tons of keyword ideas for different articles and pieces that you can create on your site.

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