How to Easily Find Low Competition Keywords with Lowfruits

One of the best ways you can get your first few thousand visits to your website is by finding low competition keywords that are getting well ranked by different forums. So like Reddit, Quora, and so on.

But sometimes, finding that sort of information can be really challenging. And that’s why I’m really excited to show you LowFruits today because it’s a helpful application that can be used in order to identify low competition keyword opportunities in addition to some of your existing keyword tools.

What is LowFruits?

LowFruits is all about helping you analyze the search engine rankings to find unique opportunities that you may not have been able to easily spot. What seems to be really useful about LowFruits is that it really will cut through all the noise and help you identify which of the low-hanging fruit are actually the best opportunities for you.

This is super valuable because if you have ever used a tool like a KeywordsEverywhere, a lot of that sort of analysis is on you, in which you have to still kind of make the best guess estimate based off of the information that KeywordsEverywhere is giving. But in this situation, you have another sort of source of data that you can use to see whether or not, it actually is a low fruit opportunity that you want to actually pursue.

Digging into LowFruits

When you first log into the dashboard, what you’ll be able to see is you’ll be able to see the section on the left hand side where you can create different reports, have a keyword finder, as well as even import in your own list that you might want to run through low LowFruits.

So, the first thing we’re going to do when we log in to LowFruits is when going to check out the left hand side and we’re going to click the keyword finder tool. From here, let’s say, for example, we were working in the soccer niche.

And so let’s say, for example, we wanted to go ahead and search for best soccer and then just go ahead and put in a search modifier, like an asterisk, so that it will come up with all of the other phrases that are similar to best soccer X, Y, Z.

From here, you’re going to select what country you’re based out of, and then also the language and you have some advanced options if you’d like as well. But in this situation, I’m probably going to just leave these blank for now and then I’m going to go ahead and click find keywords.

Once you’ve done that LowFruits is going to conduct an analysis based off of this sort of search and give you some sort of output. So you can see here how 262 keyword ideas have already discovered for the best soccer asterisk and I can either access all the keywords ideas for free, or I can also look at the keyword ideas in addition to analysis of high intent keywords.

What LowFruits’ free account gives you?

So let’s first take a look at what the free account gives you, and then I’ll show you what some credits can get you in terms of information as well.

So first things first here, if I go ahead and click to access the keyword ideas here, you can essentially see how the first thing that’s going to happen is you’re just going to scroll down past this first section and then if you want to fetch the volume you can for free. And so now it’s going to go ahead and take a look at how, how often are these phrases being searched for and that’s going to be a manual process usually because they have to query that, which is why most tools have this sort of step where you have to fetch the volume.

But as I scroll on down here, what I’m going to see is I’m going to see some more information about these opportunities. So you can see how some of these are below 10 in volume, some of them are higher, like the 140 here for best soccer academies in the world and pretty much what these things are these are just all the different derivatives of the phrase best soccer asterisk that LowFruits was able to identify.

From here, though, what I recommend you do is go ahead and start to add in some filters for what you want to actually spend your credits on to analyze. So, in other words, if you go ahead and create your free LowFruits account, what you can do is you can just go ahead and get these free analysis in terms of the high level, but it might not be as useful as getting some credits to also take a deeper look at the analysis of what LowFruits can do for you.

But that being said, notice how I didn’t just blindly choose to go ahead and analyze all 262 or whatever the number was in the number of keyword ideas it came up with because I didn’t want to waste my credits on something like a below 10 volume keyword.

So when I’ve gone ahead and done that, what I can do here is you can see how I can set this minimum of at least a hundred or more in terms of volume. And if you’ve seen any of my SEMRush articles you know, how much I love to use advanced filters when I can. It’s just a great way for you to prioritize which keyword ideas you actually want to pursue and also make it worth your time to pursue those opportunities.

What I really like about LowFruits in this tool is that you can actually also do it based off of the type of intent. So you’re going to see how you can actually filter things based off of things like high intent, prepurchase, post purchase, as well as comparisons. So in the case where, for example, you know that high intent or comparison content might be more interesting. You could just toggle those on, but in this particular example, this is the very best sort of search. And so I’m not going to do that because when I filtered down by the 100 minimum for volume that already filtered through a ton of keywords.

How to know if there are good opportunities

So now that we have gone ahead and set this filter in place, let’s see what happens when we want to actually analyze whether or not these are good opportunities. This is really the bread and butter of LowFruits as a tool and its utilities. So if I go ahead and click this one, what’s going to happen is it’s going to extract the SERP and notice how it takes the credit of mine each time that it does that. So again, the reason why I didn’t just blindly analyze all the initial results is because I wanted to actually do some curation and see whether or not I could filter through some of the lower opportunities that I didn’t want to actually spend credits on.

So I’m going to go ahead and select this for a couple of these, but what you’ll notice is that sometimes it will take a few minutes to actually extract the SERPs that’s just because it has to actually call upon this in their servers in order to output the exact results.

How to use LowFruits’ filter feature

When you’re using this tool, I recommend that you make use of as many filters as you possibly can. For example, if you want to make sure that there’s at least four words or more, you can apply that in place. And then what you can also do is you can also do bulk selections in order to extract things a little bit more quickly. So as opposed to doing what I was doing earlier, we were all selecting it one by one. I already have this filter in place so what I can do is I can also select this page. From here, do a SERP extract, and from there, it’s going to analyze the 25 that are on this particular page.

So as you can see here, LowFruits has gone ahead and returned for me a few different results. What it has essentially done is it looks on through the first page of results or so of these respective searches and then it’s output for me where it thinks that I could actually really, you know, pursue a particular opportunity.

So you can see here for this one called best turf soccer shoes for wide feet, notice how I can actually go ahead and copy this to a clipboard, I can view the SERP, view it on Google, but on the right hand side here as well, notice how I can also do an extraction of the typical word count for a post like this that can be really useful when it comes to coming up with your content briefs.

How to look for weak spots

But what I really like to look at here is what the weak spots look like and what you can see here is that LowFruits has identified that there are in the top spots, quite a few affiliate websites. So it’s green because it’s a low fruit opportunity and from here, you can see how there’s one that is actually a little bit higher, up in terms of domain authority. This one’s a 93, but notice how it’s Quora, which is why it’s blue. So in this case, what it’s flagging to me is Quora is one of the top search results and the other search results are all pretty much affiliate websites.

So what this is telling me from LowFruits is that this is potentially a higher possibility, good opportunity for me to pursue as opposed to maybe one of the ones that don’t have any weak spots, as you can see below here.

And so this is really the power of this sort of tool, is that sure you could absolutely do this sort of analysis on your own, but by using LowFruits, you’re able to save so much time and be able to do this for so many different keywords as well. And so what you can do is you can pair a tool like LowFruits with something like the 30-day free trial SEMRush that you can get on my channel and then essentially find the true opportunities that you should prioritize for your website.

This is super powerful stuff here because when you’re able to combine a variety of different keyword research tools, you’re able to get even more and better data for yourself to then choose which ones should be your next 10 ideas, next 25 ideas, to a hundred ideas to pursue. I personally have found LowFruits to be really useful when it comes to checking out a ton of low fruit opportunities, as well as to just combine some of the strategies that I have manually done in the past.

Other ways you can use LowFruits

Another thing I do want to flag out for you though, too, is that something that I like about LowFruits is that they’re really working on ways to educate you on the different ways that you can use their tool.

So if you ever need additional help in that bottom left corner, you’re going to see both articles as well as videos and even an FAQ section for how you might want to learn how to use their tool. So this is super useful in the case where you want to learn even more advanced techniques to how you might use LowFruits.

Something else you should always be looking at when you’re assessing different SEO tools is whether or not they are actively developing that SEO tool. A lot of SEO tools out there are often just making a V one and then never actually interacting on the tool. Whereas when you’re looking at a tool like LowFruits, you actually can see their roadmap as well as even submit ideas for what you want them to build next. So that can be super helpful because as you can see here, their users right now are asking for the ability to filter things based off of the all entitle indication.

So LowFruits is really powerful and there are tons of different ways you can use this. You can use this in way more ways than just what I showed you here. For example, if I didn’t actually know what keyword I wanted to work in, I could say something like soccer and then just general asterisks for adults for example. And then I could just go ahead and search and from there, LowFruits is immediately going to go pursue those opportunities for me, show me the keyword ideas. Again. I always recommend you start with this access button first and then filter down on your results first, that way you just make sure that you’re getting like the best potential opportunities to actually pursue. So fetch those search volumes and then filter through for your credits that way you don’t waste your credits.

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